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Home Remodel Ideas and Trends for 2023 - Fresno Designer Interview

Home Remodel Ideas and Trends for 2023- Fresno Designer Interview Blog

The best place to get ideas for your remodel is straight from professionals. Find out what Brynae from Imagine Remodeling had to say about the 2023 trends you can expect to see and how to include them in your remodeling plans for the coming year. 

Top Trending Colors That Continue Into 2023: Blue and Green

Blues and greens in shades that mimic nature and offer grounding have been trending for the past few years. They’ve edged out gray as the go-to color for interiors and offer more personality. Designing with color can feel a little too bold for some, so consider other ways to incorporate these feel-good tones in your space that can be easily changed out when you’re ready. 

Q: Green and blue are predicted to trend again this year- how do you recommend using those colors in a home design?

A: Rugs, textiles, drapery, and cabinetry.

 Home Remodel Ideas and Trends for 2023- Fresno Designer Interview coffered ceiling

Popular Ceiling Styles 

Instead of looking around for ideas to add architectural interest to your home, look up. Your ceiling is a blank canvas for adding style and personality to a space. 

Q: Dramatic ceiling features are popular now. What ceiling features are popular, and what is your opinion on coffered and beamed ceilings? Any other ideas you love?

A: Wood paneling and dramatic light fixtures are popular with our clients. Adding a bold ceiling accent color is another way to bring drama to a room. Love coffered and beamed ceilings. They add a touch of classic traditional flare to space and rarely go out of style as long as the rest of the home aligns with that type of design aesthetic.

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Adding Bold, New Trending Colors to Your Home

If blues and greens feel too tame for your style, you may be ready to lean into newer, bolder color trends in 2023. Pair these colors with neutrals to balance the palette, or choose to work them into your space in smaller doses. 

Q: Lavender and pink are big in home design magazines. How do you feel about those colors, and how would you integrate bold colors into a home design?

A: Pastels feel a bit trendy to me. That being said, you don't have to skip them just because they may fade in the upcoming years. Stick to accents that are easily replaceable, like art, decor, and textiles. Also, think about paint colors that are more muted shades of these hues for background colors for whole rooms. Gray-based pink and lavender paint colors make a romantic master bedroom suite. 

Home Remodel Ideas and Trends for 2023- Fresno Designer Interview accent wall bold colors

Working an Accent Wall Into Your Space

An accent wall can anchor a room. Use it on the wall your bed sits against or in your living room on the same wall as the fireplace. There are lots of ways to incorporate an accent wall, depending on its use and the type of color or dimensionality you’re after. 

Q: Dimensional accent walls are in style right now. What are some benefits of this, and how do you work accent walls into a design?

A: I love seeing dimensional accent walls in active spaces, like commercial establishments, restaurants, lobbies, and play spaces. When working on an accent wall like this, I first think about what kind of moment I need to create. Does the space need movement? Grounding? An art piece? A sculptural element? Once you answer that question, think about the material and what textures would accomplish that goal. I also love double-duty walls, like sculptural walls made of felt, which bring color and acoustic benefits to a space.

Bringing the Outdoors In

Indoor flora and fauna, as well as spaces that flow from the inside to the outside and back again, have dramatically risen in popularity in the last few years. The benefits are aplenty, from style and beauty to mental and physical health. 

Q: Natural and biophilic design is still important. How do you like to bring the outdoors in when designing a space? 

A: In a residential environment, my favorite way to incorporate the outdoors is by creating direct visual access to nature. Large windows, sliding doors, or glass wall systems all help establish an indoor/outdoor shared living space. I also am a fan of real houseplants. The fake ones require no maintenance, but the entire feeling of a space changes once you bring in real live plants.

kitchen remodeling costs in fresno californiaAdding Drama to Your Color Palette

Bold doesn’t only come in colors of the rainbow. Stark contrasts also add drama to a home without committing to a color that you may feel you’ll have to change in only a couple of years. 

Q: Dramatic black and white monochrome is expected to trend- how do you add visual interest to a minimal color palette? 

A: Contrast is key! Layering black and white shades in a way that creates interest, rather than washing each other out, is necessary. You can also add subtle hints of nature to warm the space up and create a more dynamic and less sterile environment. Greenery and wooden accents work well for this

Design Your Space for Wellness

In line with working nature into your home, wellness in the home comes in many forms and is unique to each homeowner. Asking yourself what your needs are to feel best in your home is the first step in knowing what to ask of your designer. 

Q: Design that promotes well-being is "in". How do you work with clients to determine lifestyle needs and work their well-being into a design?

A: Every client has different needs. Life stage, budget, personal organization, and ease of use are all key elements to helping people create spaces they feel good living in. Design principles can offer basic solutions to well-being, but getting to know the client's individual needs and personality is what allows a designer to create spaces of well-being.

Home Remodel Ideas and Trends for 2023- Fresno Designer Interview wellness

Try New Trends in 2023

Trends come in all shapes and sizes, as well as commitment levels. Trying new trends can be as little as updating décor or painting your half bath and as much as remodeling an entire space. Figure out which trends feel like a good fit and lean in, just a little or all the way. 

Q: What design trends or home features do you hope people will try in 2023? 

A: Color! Modern farmhouse, with its all-white fit and finish trend, has ruled design in our market for years now. I am just beginning to see folks start to want something different. I hope this shift continues and people begin to embrace color again. I also hope to see more organic styles embraced in 2023.

Remodeling Your Home in 2023 Never Looked So Good

Some trends can come and go within a couple of years, while others become timeless design staples. Your go-to source for which trends have staying power and which are fun flings to try in your home is a trusted local design-build team. Their on-the-ground experience and inside industry knowledge will help guide your remodeling process and get you into a space that feels fresh, current, and personal. To find out more about the remodeling trends of 2023 and the remodeling process in general, contact Imagine Remodeling to schedule a consultation.

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