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I'm in over my head with my bathroom remodel - HELP!

If you love to watch HGTV and decided to tackle your own bathroom remodel project, chances are you’ve reached a point of feeling overwhelmed. While fix-it shows on television look simple, reality is much more difficult. The hosts have a team to help them finish the project. Whether you are a do it yourself person or you are looking to save some money on your remodel, here are some compromising ideas that will help you feel accomplished and stay on budget.

Know Your Limits

Let’s face it. Unless you get paid every day as a contractor, you are probably not ready to complete an entire remodel. Instead, determine the tasks in which you have experience or that you can do once taught. Discuss your desire to be involved with a professional contractor and determine what activities they would be comfortable with you taking over. However, collaboration may work better in theory than in real-life. Contractors struggle with lowering their prices and may be apprehensive about your capabilities. For this reason, must you be certain you can do the work. Ultimately, you will cause frustrations and even added costs if you stall the process.

Take on the Grunt, Leave the Rest to the Pros

Focus your energies on the grunt work. Unless you are skilled in plumbing, carpentry, or other trades your bathroom remodel is not the time to learn. Instead, talk with your contractor about taking on the grunt work. Demolition, clean up, grouting, painting and other finishing tasks may be a good way for you to save money. If you do intend to add “sweat equity” to the project, get an estimate first from your contractor; then you can determine the best areas to save.

Find a Good Contractor

It is a good idea to avoid using a “jack of all trades” contractor. Instead, look for a contractor who specializes in bathrooms. There are more than fifty elements in the bathroom that need to coordinated, matched and installed. With a bathroom, it is also crucial that the foundational elements be professionally installed, or it will annoy you later on. Bathroom remodel specialists are prepared to handle the challenges of bathroom construction.

Like any remodel project, the expense of transforming your bathroom can quickly add up. Don’t let that cause you to skimp costs by attempting to remodel on your own. Choose a contractor that is efficient. Inquire about their process and ways that you can save by working with them on several tasks. You should work with licensed professionals who can take on the various aspects of the remodeling job that required specific skills. Don’t attempt to complete jobs that you are not skilled to do. It will cost you more money and time. You will be left with not only feeling over your head, but drowning.

Have you ever attempted to remodel your bathroom on your own? What challenges did you face during the process?